Days 2&3: Skills that (don’t) pay the bills.

I was grumpy when heading out for day 2 but I arrived at the Delta Watershed full of gumption and ready to take on the trail!  The plan was Goat’s Trail and practicing jumping and that’s precisely what I did!  Although I did start out at not quite the right trail head, I managed to get on track and did some fun laps.

Perhaps the most exciting part of it all… I jumped!  There’s proof!  Both tired off the ground!


Day 3 was a lovely shuttle with Ryan up Mt Seymour.  We rode Pingu, Pangor, and Boogie Nights. It was my first time on all of these trails and, while I did walk quite a bit of them, I got to work on skinnies!

I’d call that a success!  Tomorrow will bring more adventures.

In case you missed day 1.

In case you missed the challenge.

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